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  • “Dr. Reid Pullen is a suberb, motivated, and enthusiatic speaker who gives an in depth comprehensive course that would help any dentist enhance and perfect their root canal abilities. I highly recommend Dr. Pullen’s course if you want to be a more proficient clinicain.”
    Arthur G., D.D.S. 3/21/15
  • “I thought this was a very well organized, very clinically significant and practical approach to taking the fear out of endo and instilling confidence in the GP to tackle endo with predictability and an increased success rate.”
    Stephen N., D.D.S. 11/09/14
  • “Best course ever! My endo technique has never been better and my production (from RCT) has more than tripled since taking the class. Can't express how helpful this class was.”
    Stephanie W., D.D.S. 10/10/14
  • “Excellent course. From the basics to very difficult cases, Dr. Pullen was very well prepared and incorporates the latest in materials and technology including how to include PIPS into your endo routine. If you want to refresh and renew the endo side of your practice, this course is for you. I learned a lot, and you also reinforced that some of my current techniques are appropriate. That is very valuable as well. Thanks, all the best.”
    James C., D.D.S. 3/4/14

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