1. Next ADVANCED ROOT CAMP BOOT CAMP is Friday and Saturday, September 6 & 7, 2024. Class is in Brea, CA … sign up now!  More RCBCs are scheduled regularly, stay up to day with our ROOT CAMP BOOT CAMP page, and see Reid's new ADVANCED Root Camp Boot Camp content.
  1. Let's talk! Dr. Reid Pullen introduces EndoNation, a new Facebook group for dentists, endodontists, and assistants to learn, share, and connect. EndoNation is free and a great way to get to know Dr. Reid Pullen and Root Canal Academy. Join us!
  1. Dr. Reid Pullen introduces his complete new course -- The 4 Quarters of the Simple ReTx Game. See Reid's introductory blog post.
  1. Dr. Brett Gilbert interviews Reid. Listen on our blog.
  1. Resident Members now have a ‘Current Techniques’ learning center where Reid posts endodontic's always-evolving tips, tricks, and techniques. Members take a look at the new series  -- 'Little Lessons,' where Reid shares real world endo in real time.

Our goal is to make you BETTER TOMORROW!

Better at What? Well...

Better at proper CASE SELECTION, Better at DIAGNOSIS, Better at placing a RUBBER DAM, Better at achieving complete ANESTHESIA, Better at ACCESS, Better at OPENING THE ORIFICE, Better at NEGOTIATION TO PATENCY, Better at achieving an ACCURATE WORKING LENGTH, Better at obtaining an OPEN GLIDE PATH, Better at SHAPING with various NiTi files, Better at OBTURATION with different techniques (Warm Vertical/Hydraulic Single Cone Condensation/GuttaCore), Better at handling a FLARE-UP, Better at INCISION AND DRAINAGE, and Better at COMMUNICATION with patients the why and what of root canal treatment and pre and post- op instructions.
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Access RCA's highly-rated teaching in three ways:

From a Root Camp Boot Camp student:

Hi Doc, 
I know its been some time since our course, but i haven't forgotten and  wanted to share this testimonial with you. I truly found your course helpful and can tell you enjoy teaching. Thanks again for answering all my questions and being a wonderful mentor. It's what this profession needs. 

An excellent course for any GP regardless of where they are in their endo journey. A fun interactive learning environment with hands on and live demo showing you exactly what Dr. Reid does to reinforce learning. Dr. Reid gives step by step instructions providing an easy to follow gameplan to take on root canals confidently.

-Dr. A.N.

From a Resident member:

Hi Dr. Pullen,
Wow! Thank you for CE certificate! I told my husband I am learning more about Endo with you than I ever did in dental school or any other speaker, period.  I feel blessed to meet you and I am excited to learn so much from you. I feel the love when you are teaching. I hope to see you in the future.
Stay safe ! 



"Yes I did get the books and I think they are awesome.  They are so informative and I love the sports analogies.  I find myself chuckling as I read them.  You throw in just enough  profanity to keep it interesting and explain how we really feel.  I have read all but the Mistakes and can’t wait to apply what I have learned.  I’m going to immediately swap to the ProTaper Gold files, buy an Endo Activator and a Gutta Smart.  I would love to have the Access and Calcification book when it is completed I also saw the Endodontic Surgery book and would be interested in that when it’s ready."    -- C.H. DDS, USA


Reid Pullen has created a COMPLETE learning system for Root Canal procedures. Our RCT Resident Library offers detailed procedure videos, lecture videos, demonstration tooth videos, audio,  and procedure charts. Content is updated regularly. At the core of the RCT course is Reid's '4 Quarters of the Root Canal Game' playbook--our Rosetta Stone of root canal courses. This book contains tons of clinical advice and tips that are designed to greatly improve your root canal game. Satisfaction guaranteed! You earn 18 CE credits when you become a Resident member.


New! Reid's Pullen's retreatment course is here to help understand the unique needs of diagnosing and retreating a tooth. RTX teaching includes 'The 4 Quarters of the Retreatment Game' playbook as a benefit of membership. A significant portion of endodontic patients need retreatment. Learn confidence, earn more by serving this patient group!  You earn 18 CE credits when you become an RTX course member.



There's nothing like a good textbook, or a good quick reference guide, to help provide a complete understanding and corresponding confidence of RCT and RTX procedures. Root Canal Academy has Reid Pullen's 1) core textbooks for RTC and RTX based upon Reid's unique and easy-to-grasp '4 quarters' of a football game, and 2) eight brand new Learning Lessons quick refence guides fo every major procedure in the root canal process. Easy! Quick!  Gain confidence now! These books will take you deep into the secret Endo underworld and into complete Root Canal Immersion.

Live Coaching

Reid Pullen conducts a coaching program where you can train together for a full day. This program usually takes place on a Friday and consists of pre-training, short review lecture and discussion, hands-on, and then we will do 2-3 root canals together on live patients. We make sure we address your specific needs while also providing strong fundamentals from the 4 Quarters of the Root Canal Game playbook. For real world experience, Live Coaching is with patients, staff--and conducted in Reid's endodontic practice office. Full day $4,997 meals included. Call Reid, sign up now, get better quick!   FlowCharts

Root Camp/Boot Camp

Reid Pullen has conducted over 100 Root Camp/ Boot Camp root canal training workshops in his endodontic practice office with live patients. This immersive and fun format t gathers a small number of students and provides hands on fundamentals. Get better, fast!  Our teaching is centered around making you
with root canal procedures. 14 CE credits!

November 2020 Root Camp Boot Camp Clinicians

On the Way...

In addition to the strong foundation of the 4 Quarters of the Root Canal Game playbook, Reid Pullen is constantly staying ahead changes in technology and endodontic practices, and bringing them into RootCanalAcademy.com's learning systems. We are developing a course for dental assistants, adding videos to our new RTX course, and continuing to add Learning Lessons quick reference guides. We're on it. Stay tuned!

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